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Why Network Marketing?

Network marketing is a great opportunity for people who do not have the resources (financial or intellectual) to develop their own business, products, or services. The majority of people simply do not grasp how difficult it is to take a business idea from conception to execution. This is the reason why network marketing is a great option for people who can follow systems. Network marketing simply isn’t going to easy. Those who have achieved significant results with the network marketing industry have often stated that it has been one of the most difficult things they have done. But, when you look at their paychecks and their quality-of-life to see individuals who are earning hundreds to millions of dollars per month. If it were easy then Boy Scouts would do it, right?

Network Marketing is About Sales and Relationships

There are literally hundreds of network marketing business opportunities that you can get involved with. There is a full spectrum of business compensation plans and products and services out there to promote. The biggest challenge is not getting involved in network marketing, instead it is choosing a company that has a viable product or service that will be around for many years to come. The last thing I don’t do is invest a lot of time and energy building the downline system to find that the company is going out of business. There are also ethical considerations when choosing a network marketing company and you want to be careful because your reputation becomes associated that of the company and there are many companies that have bad reputations to have lingered for decades. One of the companies recommend you look into is Seacret – this company has been around for nearly a decade and have a solid track record with steady growth and no hype high-quality product line.

Get Real Facts to Support Your Business Opportunity

Internet is full of success quotes by supposed gurus or business entrepreneurs about reasons to join network marketing or to promote a multilevel marketing product or service. These clothes are an attempt to justify or make up for a week business model, product line, or service. If you are working with a high-quality business, like Seacret, the network marketing company we shared above, then you’re not going to need that extra hype about so-and-so’s reason to get involved with A multilevel marketing company. The product when it is a high-quality product will sell itself because it will create results that interest customers and prospects. Without a product that can sell itself you don’t have a business. The same goes for a service oriented business. That is the first and foremost concern about any network marketing company – can the product or service stand alone? The next question is how scalable is the business model and does its compensation plan makes sense? Once you answer these two questions you are on your way to identifying the best company for you.

Why I recommend you Seacret?

Actually I worked for so many network marketing companies like Vision, Unicity, Nuskin and when I knew Seacret, I found out more information about Seacret, and then I decided to invest my effort in Seacret. The reasons as follows:

1. The company established in 2005. So 10 years already, it demonstrated its ability to overcome any challenges. You know, not many companies can exist after 3 years.

2. Revenue: it sold a billion dollars in retail product sales in 40 countries through kiosks in malls across the country before changing into network marketing model.

3. The number of countries: the company just transitioned to relationship marketing in 2011, and just in 5 countries in 2015. It means that you can expand your business to all over hundreds of other countries in the world in the near future. If you work for Nuskin, it has already been in 53 countries, its member is so huge. Then you lose the opportunity to expand your business significantly.

4. It is the perfect blend of nature and science. The main ingredients come from minerals from the Dead Sea which has been known for thousand of years for its therapeutic benefits such as curing Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Respiratory problems, Rosacea, and Rheumatic issues. For the luxury or advanced products, the technology seems the same because all companies can invest into the product equipments. The only differentiation is the source of ingredients.

5. Well compensation plan with 7 ways of being wealth.

I will tell you more details for each areas you pay attention to:

1. Why Dead Sea and Dead Sea Cosmetic?
2. Why Seacret?
3. Seacret's Product lines
4. Its values and results
5. How to start with Seacret

And More methods to succeed with Seacret! I will have series of articles for you to build your own business with Seacret.
If you have any questions, please let me know!

Best regards
Ryan Holmes

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