Wrinkles Treatment with Seacret Recover

Wrinkles Treatment with Seacret Recover

First, please jump into the results of Wrinkles Treatment with Seacret Recover:

You can get such the great result as above just in 15 minutes with Seacret Recover
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The Seacret Recover Concepts and Approach.

The main goal of the Seacret Recover design declared by the product developers was to break this "vicious circle" of wrinkle initiating-perpetuation mechanism. This positive feedback between the mechanical and biological interdependence of the skin deterioration processes is likely to be eliminated by active outside unfolding of the skin in the wrinkle area which keeps for several hours daily over a period of several months, during all the restoration of the skin revival.

Actual unfolding of the wrinkle area triggers the following skin short and long term restoration mechanisms:

  • Reduction of pressure on the capillary network
  • Improvement of blood, lymph and interstitial liquid flow by removing wrinkle induced mechanical obstacles
  • Restoration of normal supply of nutrients
  • Enhancement of cellular respiration (gases exchange) due to restoration of gaseous partial pressure in and out of capillary.

Additional crucial functions of the Recover products and their impact on the skin include the following pre-designed features:

  • Skin dead cells removal
  • Deep cleansing
  • Improvement skin gases ("breathing") permeability

Recover technology exploits low biochemical-active (almost neutral) nanoparticles to meet these goals. The designed material has the following unique features:

  • High thixotropy
  • Developed surface area
  • Good affinity to skin
  • Good washing-off ability
  • High self-organizing ability

Applied to skin, Seacret Recover products create 2-D network matrix, with some "roots/protrusions" which slightly penetrate into the stratum corneum adhering the network to the skin.

Recover aqueous liquid partially penetrates into the skin and partially evaporates.
Nanoparticles of Recover, which do not participate in the matrix, adsorb dead cells of stratum corneum on their highly developed active surface.

At that stage several processes take place simultaneously:

  1. Penetrated into epidermis dermis interface, water causes cell swelling with corresponding local mechanical stress relaxation.
  2. The networked matrix shrinks and flattens the skin, especially in the wrinkles area. Dead cells are mechanically detached and absorbed
  3. Impurities accumulated in the skin layers (for example accumulated makeup particles) are "sucked out".
  4. Products of skin secretion, which usually cover the skin, are detached from the skin surface and absorbed as well.
  5. The outer Recover layer absorbs these "impurities" to be washed out with it at the end of the procedure, leaving only supportive nano-matrix on the clear, vivid and shining skin.
Seacret Recover performance tests, were performed on women of various skin types and ages from 35 to 65.

The test was quantitative evaluating of:

  • Wrinkle Reduction Effect
  • Cleansing Effect
  • Complexion Enhancement
  • Skin Texture Enhancement

As a result, Seacret Recover treatment was found to provide an immediate aesthetic effect:

  • Overall wrinkle reduction
  • Increased skin brightness –“radiant” looking skin
  • Whitening-Cleansing
  • Enhanced skin color evenness
  • Cleansing Effect

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