How to earn money online (for Starters)

How to Earn Money Online (For Starters)

There are many ways of how to earn money online. They can be from creating your own products to sell online, making money with affiliate marketing programs, making money as a professional blogger, creating a high-traffic websites or channels to sell advertisements, managing an online community, giving consultancy, doing as a freelancer, making money with paid surveys, etc. In this article, I will tell you steps by steps of how to make money online for beginners.

To whom this article is?

1. People who are finding the ways of getting out of "nine to five" lifestyle or who want to make money from home just with a laptop and wifi.

2. Any people who want to earn more money beside the main income.

What I am writing in this website aims to helping you build a business rather than just a way of earning money online. I hope you have enough patience to follow me until the end.

So what to do and how to earn money online for starters?

The easiest way to earn money online is affiliate marketing. You don't need to create a product, stock products, establish payment system and trade account, create CRM program, etc. This method is just simply to introduce or recommend the others' products to consumers and get commissions just as traditional business.

The difference between traditional business and affiliate business is that you do all the things totally online and you can work at home without meeting anyone or making a phone call to anyone to sell any product. Simply, you just make a product review and recommend it to consumers through your articles, product review contents in your own website.

The method is to create a content with SEO friendly to get high ranking in search engines. People will search for their problem solutions. When they see your website which can help them to solve their problems, they will click, and buy the product which they think it can help. When your content is great, it can get high ranking and helps you earn money from year in year out as long as you still maintain its top ranking.

You can earn 3,000 - 4,000 USD/month or higher easily. However, it needs time, effort and patience. Online business is the same as any other business models, you need to invest your time, efforts, money in establishing a system which for sure needs time. The best thing of online business is that you can spend less time and effort than traditional business or other business models.

Follow 10 steps below and then you can realize how to earn money online, these steps are simple for starters.

10 Steps of earning money online simply and easily: 

1. Choose a Profitable Niche.
2. Register a Domain Name.
3. Set up a Website or Blog.
4. Set up your Social Media accounts.
5. Download and read SEO Guide (free).
6. Create SEO Content.
7. Sign up for Affiliate Programs in your niche.
8. Write Product Reviews for those products.
9. Get links pointing to your pages or blog posts.
10. Continue creating content, getting links & interacting via Social Media.

Once you get all this set up and you're making money as an Affiliate, you can look at other ways to monetize your site. You might create short reports on your topic to sell, test contextual advertising, or look into even more methods to make money.

Yes it's work. And yes - it's worth it!

If you do these steps, and continue to learn & tweak as you go, you'll start earning money. You can increase your traffic (number of visitors) and your income as you continue to grow and market your website.

It takes time to get to a consistent $3,000-4,000 per month in revenue, but you could easily do that within the first year.

Last note for starter, in order to earn money online - focus is the key. You must to choose a niche and work on it all the way from start to profit. Don't let all the other options distract or derail you. Once you decide on a topic or niche, you should sit down and formulate a plan for your internet business. What market are you targeting, and how can you best serve that market? This is the angle you should think out rather than how can I make the most money from this market? (Most people get it backwards and then get frustrated when that doesn't work out for them)

So you choose a niche, create a blog or website, set up social media profiles to interact with your target market on the topic, and you create and share useful content that will build your reputation and readership in that niche.

If you need ANY SUPPORT at all with the 10 steps above for how to earn money online for starters, send your request or question in the Automoneygeneration website. We'd be happy to help you get started!

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